Multi-data center support

Multiple Data Center Support for Applications from Looker Studio Connector

What is Data Center?

A data center is a facility composed of networked computers, storage systems and computing infrastructure that businesses and other organizations use to organize, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data. A business typically relies heavily upon the applications, services and data contained within a data center, making it a focal point and critical asset for everyday operations.

Why are Data Centers important?

Data centers helps in almost all business applications, computations, data storage. To the extent that the business of enterprise is run on  computers, the data center is the business.

Data centers enable organizations to concentrate their processing power also in turn enables organizations to concentrate their

Applications that require Data Center Support

About Zoho Data Center

Data protection and privacy laws in multiple countries state that user data can only be stored in data-centers located on that country's soil. In compliance, Zoho has set up data-centers in multiple countries. Each datacenter only holds the data of users who have registered at that domain. 

Zoho Data Centers and Domain URIs :

Multi Data Center Supports 

Clients require user data to execute their business logic. Clients such as extension programmers or plugin developers will have a user audience across all the data centers (DC), and will want to reach all of Zoho users. Such clients need to enable Multi DC support at Zoho to access Zoho's global user base. 

In Jivrus Looker Studio Connector, all Zoho Connectors are supporting multi data center feature.