Re-authenticate Looker studio connector

Authentication issue in Looker Studio Connector

What is the issue?

Sporadically, you would see that the Data Source is not working and shows an authentication-related error, due to one of the following

When you face the authentication issue, your Looker Studio Report will become ugly without having any data, and you would see errors similar to the below:

How does it appear?

Sample Authentication Error

How to resolve this?

When you get this type of authentication error, please take either or both actions below:

Action 1: Re-authenticate Looker Studio Connector

Action 2: Remove Google Permission

Action 3: Revoke Credentials of Data Sources

You can follow the sections below to see the detailed steps to perform these actions

Action 1: Re-authenticate looker studio connector

Follow the steps below to re-authenticate the looker studio connector

Step 1: Click on the following link

Step 2: Enter the Connector name
e.g Insightly CRM in search box. (mention your connector name here)

Step 3: Click on the 3 vertical dot on Insightly CRM. (select specific connector in your case)

Step 4: Click on Revoke access from Menu options and remove the access.

Step 5: Refresh the Connector and Reconnect it.

Action 2: Remove Google Permission

Step 2: Search for “Jivrus” and find all relevant apps for Jivrus Looker Studio Connectors

Remove permission by clicking on the “REMOVE ACCESS” button

Then click on the “Ok” button to confirm.

Step 3: Refresh the Connector and Reconnect it.

Action 3: Revoke Credentials of Data Sources

Step 1:  Go to

This will list your data sources.

Step 2:  Hover your data source. Click on the three-dot button on each data source and Revoke the Credentials as shown in the right side

Concluding thoughts

The process of re-authentication within Looker Studio Connectors is not particularly straightforward. I hope this article helps you to resolve your issue.

If you face an authentication issue, follow one or more of these actions to see if you are able to re-authenticate the connector.  In case if you still face issues, you can contact us with a support request.